Why Choose Drawer Runners from REJS?

drawer runners

With space being a major constraint when it comes to housing, people are now opting for innovative solutions to store things; be it in the kitchen or the bedroom. A common accessory that is doing wonders in saving space while giving you the ability to store a large number of items is: drawer runners.

If you are renovating or constructing a house, then installing drawer runners will be a valuable investment. REJS Ltd offers a diversity of drawer runners that can hold different weights. These runners will ensure that you receive a functional solution for your drawers and furniture.

So why should you buy from us?

Tested and verified, these drawer runners are made with dependable material that easily enhances the functionality of your furniture and other drawers. Our team of professionals have ensured the use of stainless steel for these runners. As a result, these will not rust or weaken. This material makes the runners operable for years to come. You will also notice that all our drawer runners have rubber breaks and quick release lever.

High quality material
When it comes to drawer runners, nothing is more important than opting for one that is made using premium quality materials. This is because these runners will be holding the drawer in your furniture. With varying weight limitations, we intend to cater to a wide range of clients. Whether you want to install drawer runners in kitchen drawers or the furniture, we have it all. The high quality material of these runners enable the drawers to slide smoothly and decrease the resistance.

Drawer runners are not one size fits all and REJS Ltd understands that. We have a huge variety of drawer runners ranging from single extension to full extension option. Moreover, you will also find alternatives such as soft close etc. In terms of variety, another category is thickness. Consequently, you will be able to choose the one that best matches your requirements.

Contact us to get hold of a wide range of drawer runners alternatives. Purchasing the drawer runners from REJS will facilitate you to get high quality runners that are also easy to install.

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