28-31 August 2014

Watching the Parade of Sail from the water – 31st August 2014

Watching from the shore? More info and route here. 

The Ships will start to undock from 9.00am and the Parade of Sail is expected to start at 11.00am.  The race start is approximately 4.00pm, subject to weather and wind conditions.

The climax of any Tall Ships event is spectacular Parade of Sail where the ships sail in formation to give the local community a chance to admire them before they set off on the Race.

Falmouth Bay is the perfect amphitheatre for parades of sail.  The 1998 and 2008 parades were truly spectacular and the routes gave superb views from the local beaches and headlands.  The Tall Ships were accompanied by literally thousands of spectator craft with those aboard enjoying a unique view of the parade and the sights and sounds of tall ships sailing at close quarters.

We encourage viewing from the water and there are no restrictions on the number of leisure craft that can assemble to see the Parade.  If you are planning to accompany the Parade, please take account of the following so that you have a safe and enjoyable event:

Limited facilities for boat launching.
If you need to launch your boat, please be aware that facilities to do so are limited. The advice is to plan ahead and launch early.

Falmouth Haven
Situated adjacent to Falmouth Watersports Centre, the slipway is just within the area that is closed to traffic during the Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta. However, marshals have been instructed to provide access to vehicles that have a boat to launch or recover. Please access the slipway from Grove Place.

Please note that there is limited storage space for trailers. For more information see www.falmouthhaven.co.uk/the-slipway/introduction/

The slipway is not available during the Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta, as the site is used to provide additional vehicle parking.

Make sure that your craft is suitable and loaded sensibly.
Whilst there are no legal restrictions on passenger numbers for craft operating for pleasure (where no charges are being made), skippers are responsible for the safety of their passengers and need to ensure that there is adequate reserves of buoyancy and stability for a passage in coastal waters.

Consider the effect of your wash on other craft.
There will be a large number of vessels travelling in close proximity so make sure that your speed is appropriate and that your wash does not cause a hazard to others.

Keep a safe distance away from other craft, particular the competitors.
The ships will be in close formation with some ships only 50m apart.  Spectators are asked not to approach within 50m of the participating vessels.  Do not linger on the parade track ahead of the parade awaiting the perfect photo opportunity.  Remember that the competitors are under an obligation to alter course if impeded or in doubt about your intentions.  This may hazard other vessels in the vicinity.

Be particularly vigilant near turning marks or vessels acting as such.
Remember that many of the spectator craft will be trying to change course at the same time so please ensure that you leave sufficient sea room to allow for this.

The route for the parade will not be finally decided until the day before the Race start when a reliable weather forecast is available as it is selected to facilitate the use of sail.  The route will be promulgated along with the positions of turning marks or vessels using a port notice issued by Falmouth Harbour Commissioners.  These will be available via their web site at www.falmouthport.co.uk.   The notice will also show restrictions in navigation around the Docks that will be in place to ensure that the entrants’ unberthing operations can take place safely.

Accompanying the parade of sail is a unique and memorable experience.  Please make sure that you maximise enjoyment for all by taking sensible precautions to ensure the safety of your boat and passengers and by considering the needs of the other spectator craft. 


There are great vantage points around Falmouth Bay, please take your rubbish home with you and if you are planning a bbq, here is some advice…..

  • Consider the location – make sure the barbeque is located away from bushes, trees, grass, gorse and hedges.
  • Make sure the barbeque is in good condition.
  • In the case of disposable barbeques ensure they are placed on an even surface, either on bricks or stones and are stable.
  • Never place the barbeque on the ground which may start a grass fire or on sand which will heat the sand and can cause serious burns.
  • Only use recognised fire lighters or starter fuel and only on cold coals.  Use the minimum necessary and never use petrol.
  • Never leave the barbeque unattended.
  • If you’re using a disposable barbeque ensure it has cooled down before putting it in a bin.  Never dispose of a barbeque by leaving it in a place where it can start a fire.
  • Have some water to hand in case of fire or to extinguish the barbeque after use.
  • Do not use a barbeque in a tent or an enclosed space as they can produce lethal levels of Carbon Monoxide.