28-31 August 2014

Tall Ships Liaison Officers

In August 2014 the Port of Falmouth will be hosting the start of a major Tall Ships Regatta. The Falmouth – Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta will involve some of the world’s major Class A vessels and also a number of smaller ships. Over 40 vessels are expected to take part.

In order for these ships to gain the full benefit of their involvement each vessel will need to have a nominated Liaison Officer for the duration of their stay in Falmouth. The larger Class A vessels will probably need to have two Liaison Officers.

What does the Job involve?

You will be required to look after your ship operating through the Chief Liaison Officers Organisation for just about every aspect of their visit. It may involve such things as sorting out dock facilities, mail runs, trainee compassionate issues, transportation, attending functions and sports events, handling emergencies, or just about any thing else you can think of. Please note a facilities and service directory will be provided.

What is the commitment?

Once you have given us your details we will let you know if you have been selected and we will have a mass briefing for all nominated LO’s and Assistant LO’s sometime in April 2014. At the end of August 2014 we will have a training day where the LO’S will be allocated their ships, information packs distributed and detailed briefings and training will be given.

Some vessels will arrive up to 2 days before the start of the Regatta and we will need some LO’s to man an advance LO organisation that will need to be active from Sunday 24th August 2014. The main event starts on Thursday 28th August and from that time until your ship departs you will be expected to be available for 24 hours/day to meet their needs and you may even have to live on board.

What’s the Pay?

Nothing! However you will get a polo/T shirt to wear and keep. The real reward will be the active involvement in a major international sailing event in your area and the knowledge that your ship and its crew of young trainees have had the best possible time that you were able to give them during their stay in Falmouth. It will be a tremendous experience that you will always remember.

What Sort of People are you Looking For?

We need people who are basically fit and resourceful. They will need to be able to use their initiative and solve problems without constant referral, and be good communicators and able to feed back the important information up the chain. They also need to be fully committed to the job and obviously available through out the period. They will also need to own and be able to use a mobile phone!

I am not too confident that I could do the job by myself or I am not that fit – can you still use me?

We will need a pool of 40 – 45 Liaison Officers but we will also need quite a number of volunteers to assist them on a daily basis. So if you cannot give us the full commitment then we could still find a role for you. Let us have your details and we will let you know if we can use you; we will try to give every one who wants to be involved a meaningful job no matter what their ability. We will need a number of stewards and marshals during the event and if you feel you can help out then please also fill in a form.

Future Opportunities 

For future Liaison Officer opportunities check the upcoming races and regattas on the STI website (www.sailtraininginternational.org/events) and contact the relevant local organisers.

If you are interested in assisting Tall Ships crews when they visit Falmouth please contact Falmouth Tall Ships Association at hello@tallshipsfalmouth.co.uk