28-31 August 2014

Fabulous Falmouth Friday with the Tall Ships

As an update to yesterday’s news, over 21,346 people flocked through Falmouth docks today (Friday) to admire over 44 magnificent Tall Ships and to enjoy the countless events and opportunities afforded by the 2014 Falmouth – Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta. Town and business managers estimated that over 45,000 people were in Falmouth overall and many businesses and establishments throughout the port have been reporting their best ever takings since they started their ventures.
Sam Groom, Event Manager said, “Obviously we’ve planned for tens of thousands of people every day and all of the extensive event teams are ready for the crowds.  We just keep hearing what a wonderful time everyone is having and I know the crews of the ships are also making the most of their time here in the sunshine.  We’re really keen to spread the word about weekend visitors using the trains and the park and float options to make getting in and out of the town as easy as possible.  The First Great Western Truro – Falmouth brand line is running an extra carriage on all services and this option brings passengers straight to the dock’s doorstep.”
Councillor John Body, Falmouth Town Mayor, said: “Falmouth Town Council are delighted that the Tall Ships are back in Falmouth, having been here several times before. The town with its harbour and bay is a fantastic setting for this wonderful event, which make Falmouth an attraction for both visitors and locals to come and see this spectacular sight. It’s great to see everyone having such a great time and creating such wonderful memories of this occasion.”
This year is the fifth time that Falmouth has hosted the Tall Ships, thought to be the most of any British port.   James Stevens from organisers Sail Training International says, “Falmouth is one of the great harbours of the British waters, affording terrific hospitality.  Now the event is in full flow we can see the results of all of the hard work that the ‘Cornish team’ and all of the involved partners have put in.  It’s a sensational event.”
Eighteen-year-old Jack Trevail from Truro is getting ready to join eleven other trainees to crew Tall Ships race regular John Laing operated by the Ocean Youth Trust South in the Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta later this week. Jack has previous experience of taking part in Tall Ships race legs before, but never from his home port. “I first sailed with the John Laing when I was 14 on a short voyage from Southampton to Brighton via Cowes. One of my sisters had already done multiple voyages on Laing so I knew how much fun it was,” Jack said. “ I also loved and had been dinghy sailing from a young age, but had just started yacht sailing and wanted to do even more on bigger boats. I then went on to do two Tall Ships race legs and one cruising company leg and I cannot wait to do it again this summer.”
When asked what the best bit about Tall Ships Sail Training voyages is, Jack answered: “It would have to be a combination of the people you meet and the sailing itself. You make really good friends with people you have never met before who can have such completely different lives. The sailing itself is the best bit though, sailing out of La Coruna in 2012 in eight-metre swell with full sunshine and good wind was so much fun. Chucking it down with rain at 3 o’clock in the morning in complete darkness doesn’t sound quite as appealing but it still is worth being out there for.”
Locals and visitors alike relaxed in the evening with the aural maritime sounds of Fishermen’s Friends and tonight sees The Booze Brothers taking to the stage in Events Square.  Saturday night offers up an Abba Revival before dramatic fireworks light up Falmouth Bay.   The epic Parade of Sail, where all of the Tall Ships, plus an expected 1,200 local boats, all take to the water together, occurs on Sunday prior to the official race start.