28-31 August 2014

Cornwall Prepares for the Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta 2014 Parade of Sail

Weather set fair for rare nautical spectacle …
Sam Groom, Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta Event Manager today said; 
“The climax of the Tall Ships Regatta is the spectacular Parade of Sail where the ships are led off in formation to give tens of thousands of spectators both afloat and ashore the last chance to admire them on the water before they make their way to the race start. From 1000 hours on Sunday 31 August, Falmouth Harbour will provide a stunning nautical amphitheatre as all 44 visiting Tall Ships begin to undock and depart into Falmouth Bay for the beginning of the Parade. More than 1,000 local boats and vessels are expected as spectator craft to join them for this stunning event.
“From midday onwards the Tall Ships will be seen in the bay as they head out towards the race start. We encourage everybody to come and enjoy the magnificent panorama, which will continue with the official Parade of Sail until around 1430 hours.
“More than 100,000 people are expected to congregate throughout the day in the town of Falmouth and the surrounding coastline, from the Roseland to the Helford.  The 2014 Falmouth Tall Ships Regatta team therefore urges everyone to plan and arrive at their vantage points with as much preparation as they can. This way we can ensure as much ease, safety and enjoyment for everyone for a great day all round.
“Wherever possible we also recommend using public transport, details of which are available here: http://www.falmouthtallships.co.uk/parade-of-sail/
If anyone does have to drive, there is additional parking at Roseland, Rosemullion and Maenporth (charging applies).
“We obviously encourage everyone to consider the weather and the length of time they may be out and make sensible preparations.  There are no restrictions on the number of leisure craft that can assemble to see the Parade, however, for obvious reasons we insist that all vessels on the water follow the guidelines and requirements of the Falmouth Harbourmaster. Launching options and further info is available here: http://www.falmouthtallships.co.uk/race-day/
“This is one of the most fantastic opportunities in the British nautical calendar and we hope everyone enjoys this absolutely magnificent spectacle.  I would like to express our deep gratitude to Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, A&P, the Royal Navy, Saga and all emergency services for their management and support of the Parade of Sail.”